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"Any questions?" Asked the man atop the podium.
In the back a small hand goes up. It belongs to a small little girl who owned the question.
"What is your question small child?"
"What about gays?" she asked.
The man stumbled at this question; he was not ready for a little girl to even know about this yet.
"What about them?" He replied.
"You said we should love everyone and not to judge them but what I’ve heard from the grown-ups that go here is that they do not like them. They don’t want them to get married and have a family. I want to get married to the one I love and have a family but what if I grow up and be gay? Does that mean I have to give up the lord and start a family without him, or stay with the lord and never have a family full of happiness?" She said.
The man started to sweat, "You do not have to give up the lord or your family. You just have to choose not to be gay, and if you feel that way then come to me and we shall pray to the lord. With his help you will have your family and not have to give anything up."
"So if I am gay then the lord does not love me?" She said, "He would want me to change and become something different? He will not love me for whom I am and he would wish for me to be someone different?"
"No he will love you not matter what, He just wants you to become someone better." He said sure he solved the issue.
"What is wrong with being gay? They are not hurting anyone, why does the lord hate them?" She asked.
"He does not hate them, it is just wrong to be that way." He said.
"Why? There are much more mean things in this world that the lord should worry about. In the scriptures there is death and hurtful things." She said.
"The lord worries about them as well, but we need to do what we can where we can as his children." He said a little upset.
"But the lord said, do not judge, it his job and we should love one another. Why do so many hate the gays?"
"Ok that is enough of that." He said to her, "You should just know that the lord loves everyone."
"But?" she said.
"Any other questions?" He said cutting the small girl off.
The small girl teared up and ran to her parents, where both of them hugged her.
“I don’t want to lose you mommy!” The small girl cried. “You are gay and the lord does not like who you are so I do not want to go to heaven. I do not want to meet such a mean person. I know my mommies are wonderful parents and would not hurt anyone. I will stay away from heaven and the lord because he hates my mommies.”
The man atop the podium looked at the young girls parents and learned quick the small child came from a gay house hold.
"I told you," Her mother said, "they do not have all the answers and they judge people. When someone comes up with a new idea they get scared and make sure they are not heard. Never doubt what you have asked today, and keep an open mind."
"Do not be blinded by faith. Just love all and live a happy life, treat each as an equal and do what kindness you can do where you can." Her other Mother stated.
With that all three left.
The man atop the podium was in awe of what he had heard. He would not let this shake his faith so he pushed it out of his mind.
"Any other questions?"

A hand in the back went up.
This time the hand belonged to a man.
"What about Satan?" He asked.
The man atop the podium was a little more than angry by this point. “Where were all these people coming from?” He wondered to himself
"What about him." he asked with regret and a hand over his face.
"Like that little girl said, the lord wants us to love one another." The man said.
"And from what you have told me the devil is my brother. Yet you say ‘do not let him in your house.’" The man said.
"Yes, the devil is evil and only wants to hurt and take advantage of you." The man a top the podium replied confidently.
"I know that, whatever the devil did to piss off the lord that bad must have been terrible. But to turn away my brother seems hard for me to do. I will not let him take advantage of me nor will I trust him fully." The man asked. "When I mess up with my family or friends they want an apology."
cutting the man of, the man atop the podium stated, "That is what we are waiting for from the devil. He will not give it to his father."
"Well I do not blame him. When I know I should say ‘I’m sorry’ and try to make up for my mistake, it is hard especially when everyone around you is treating you badly. It makes you feel like what you did needed to happen and you were in the right, even if in the back in your mind you know you are wrong." the man said," So maybe if we want the devil to apologize we should accept him back and encourage him to admit his wrong doing."
"No you should not, he has to be punished for what he has done."
"Do you not think he is being punished? Cast away from heaven, from his brothers and sisters, from his mother and father? The poor guy cannot even have a family, no kids no loving wife no happiness. That would eat me away inside watching all these people around me enjoying each other’s company and bringing smiles to small children and loved ones. I would probably strike out too. The devil also does not judge he accepts people as they are, never questioning their past but loving them as who they are. With that in mind, I do not think the lord judges either I think that is what people like you do when you come across something new and different, you shun it."
"Okay!" the man a top the podium yelled. "No more questions, go home, read the scriptures and pray. The lord will answer them!"
"I have done that and he answers them all the time. He told me to love all and live a happy life, treat each as an equal and do what kindness you can do where you can." Chimed the man’s voice once more, he then stood up, tucked in his darkened wings and walked away on cloven hooves. Still looking for a place where he can be welcomed and not blinded by a faith that is full of hate.
A Thank you goes out to (let us see if that works.)
She read it and helped me out with things I wrote weird and with spelling.
She took the time to read it and give me her opinion on it.
Thank you Donnecha I am glad you took the time to give this story a better life.
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Naelii Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
I especially like the top part!

I am not sure if  you are in a faith or not, but there are groups of people who are almost anti-religious in a way

I call myself a "follower of Christ" most of the time if I am bringing it up, but really a christian if I am just explaining something to someone who doesn't know it too well.

But really I am against the whole ideal of church. I am not sure if you have read the book "The End of Religion" but it is a very interesting read

It was the idea that God destroyed and humiliated religious people because they behaved disgustingly

I just really hate the whole thing. That you sit in church with your crafted christian friends, being hypocritical and social ladder-y really, just all of that sort of stuff. If you take a look in the bible, it is nothing like that. Christianity is really a term used to improve your image and most of the time it isn't even meant to how it is supposed to be

The funny thing is, being gay isn't even technically that much of a "no-no" in the bible. It was never uttered by God or Jesus ONCE, and was simply a part of the rules at the time. Along with never eating shrimp, and sheltering yourself in isolation on your period. It is just silly that people take it to be a religious ideal over a million other things practiced today

I have a strong belief that the anti-LGBT thing will die out like racism is. I think the whole thing is silly, and the only people who feel that strongly about it haven't looked into it open-mindedly. 

Funny thing is too, the root word that was translated to the word "gay" also could've meant male prostitute, which prostitutes are pointed out in the bible a lot as well. There are just so many things pointing against it, it baffles me. This being said from growing up in a Christian household 
HereifAnywhere Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I did not care too much for the second half myself either. It was just to put the point across that there is other ways of thinking and different religions and that they should not be so closed minded to them.

I like what you call your self. That is a swell title. I am a bit religious but not fully I am really hurting about my religion. It has so many issues but what one does not.They are to closed minded and hate filled.
they tell me to have blind faith but I refuse to be blinded by faith.

I have not read that book, I will have to try it. I am not that great of a reader.

That is all they say about gay in the bible. One line nothing more. Then they go and talk about so much worse stuff. That never gets talked about and if it is brought up they say that it was a man that said that not god. But god didn't say a dam thing about guys that was a man. I just cannot handle the hate anymore

thank you for reading the hole thing. It is just part of the madness I deal with.
0choe Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student General Artist
God loves everyone but might not like the things they do. That said he still loves us anyway. I'd imagine same goes for the devil he probably just doesn't like what he does. And yes you shouldn't let the devil influence you the wrong way, you are your own man. But there's nothing wrong with letting an enemy welcomed into your home, just as long as you won't be influenced wrong.

But I'm confused, I didn't know the devil loved others. I'd imagine if he did he wouldn't be doing bad things.

This was a nice piece.
HereifAnywhere Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I am sure he loves others.
Another thought of mine is that he is after revenge for people hurting and killing his brother Jesus.
Sure he did not like his brother all that well, but to see his brother nailed up on a cross and left to die, had to hurt the devil bad. And all he wants us to do is suffer for what the people did to Jesus.
I do not blame him for that but I did not do it, he has to come to understand that.
I feel bad for the devil and how he is always left in the cold.
0choe Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student General Artist
But in the past the devil was an angel and wanted to surpass god. So he became opposite of him to become stronger. And I thought he wanted Jesus to die to stop gods plan but didn't realize that his death would save the world.

I would imagine god longing for his son lucifer to come back home.
Isn't the devil trying to have his own army of demons tho?
But Jesus beat him.
HereifAnywhere Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Everyone sees religion in different ways.
I do not think the devil wanted Jesus dead just wanted people to hate him.
And when they went to far and killed his brother, someone I am sure he still loves, the devil lost it.
And if god forgives us for kill Jesus then the devil probably wants to get the revenge he knows god wont.
0choe Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Ah I see, I understand what you mean.
I respect you opinion and I won't judge you.
Plus what right of I have to judge in the first place lol.
I like these kinds of subjects
This was well written. Mhhmm
HereifAnywhere Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you.
I was worried you might stop being my friend because of these thoughts of mine.
I know they are not the easiest to understand and I do not let them out alot.
I hope it is ok I think oddly
0choe Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student General Artist
It's only natural
It's fine uvu
I don't mind at all
I'm happy I know how you feel on the subject tho
HereifAnywhere Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you
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